Expand Your Audit Analytics Landscape: Introducing IDEA 11

16 December 2019 | Product News. | by Irfan Irawan

Improving efficiency has always been a priority for the audit function. With newer technological applications, expansion across geographies, and increasing competition, auditors around the world need to adopt a robust audit practice. With its latest release, IDEA expands its already stellar analytics offering with a ...

Caseware Monitor became Alessa

16 December 2019 | Product News. | by Irfan Irawan

Formerly known as CaseWare Monitor, Alessa is CaseWare’s solution for AML compliance, sanctions screening, fraud detection & prevention, procurement monitoring and continuous controls monitoring. https://alessa.caseware.com/

Ideagen acquaires Morgan Kai Group Ltd.

16 December 2019 | Product News. | by Irfan Irawan

Ideagen plc, the UK-based, global software firm, today announced the acquisition of Morgan Kai Group Ltd, a leading Audit Management software provider to both public and private sector organisations. https://youtu.be/ThDt3Zfl2JI

Experience the IDEA 10.4 Launch and See How 10.4 Will Boost the Performance of Your Audit Team

8 December 2019 | Product News. | by Irfan Irawan

The new release of IDEA is here! Watch our pre-recorded webinar to experience improvements to visualizations, user experience, interoperability, and much more. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=460&v=X9Li-TPn_ww The new features and enhancements demonstrated include:...