SmartExporter Simplifies Extraction of SAP data

Export data from SAP® and prepare it automatically

Analyzing SAP® data doesn’t have to be difficult. Leverage SmartExporter, an intuitive and user-friendly, Windows-based extraction tool, to pinpoint and export the precise SAP® data required for your analyses. Both SmartExporter and IDEA are easy to use, enabling any person in your organization, no matter the department, to pull an SAP® data report. By using this integration, you will streamline your workflow, reduce wait times, and boost operational efficiencies.

Get your data the simple way

SAP® is used by roughly 100,000 companies worldwide. However, users of the software face a number of special challenges when attempting to analyze SAP® data outside of their SAP® environment. Due to large volumes of data with complicated structures, complex workflows and diverse company specific entities it is extremely difficult to access SAP® data.The solution: Export the SAP® data required for your audits quickly and easily to any directory using SmartExporter. With SmartExporter you can access all transparent SAP® tables, Database Views, Pooled Tables and Cluster Tables and also archived data.


Fast result

Unlike internal SAP® solutions which are managed centrally from within the SAP® system, SmartExporter is a Windows-based application. The Data Request is not created in SAP®, but on the user's computer. You work in the familiar Windows environment. This makes SmartExporter ideal for ad hoc analyses to reduce data analysis expenses.You can use SmartExporter in the following areas:

• Internal audits

• Controlling

• Finance and accounting

• Bookkeeping and taxes

• IT

• Sales

• Audits

• Accounting control

Not familiar with SAP®? No problem.

Make complex, time-consuming SAP® features a thing of the past. Thanks to SmartExporter you can create your Data Request where you are most comfortable — on your own computer. SmartExporter supports you in the complex task of selecting SAP® data: Once a Data Request specifying the required tables, joins, fields and filters is created you can save it as a favorite and reuse it anytime.It is also possible to integrate SmartExporter into IDEA and SmartAnalyzer. After selecting your audit steps, SmartExporter identifies the SAP® data you actually need. Once the export is complete, you can analyze the exported data directly in IDEA and SmartAnalyzer.


Prepare Data: Right here.

Use SmartExporter to overcome the tiresome process of data preparation. You can now define the required joins for the data to be extracted while you are creating a Data Request in SmartExporter. Thus SmartExporter enables you to reduce the data volume to exactly suit your needs. The join definitions are an integrated part of your Data Request and SmartExporter provides data that you can analyze straightaway. SmartExporter provides an Inner or Left Outer Join. Needless to say that using SmartExporter you can define joins for Pool and Cluster tables also.

Online? Offline? Both.

SmartExporter offers you two ways to export data: You can either connect to the SAP® system and export the SAP® data directly: Synchronous with small and asynchronous with large volumes of data.Or you can work offline without access to the SAP® system, which for instance is generally the case with external auditors.

You would then generate a Data Request with SmartExporter, transfer this XML file to the person in charge of the SAP® system who will provide the data you need. The SAP® data requested will be provided e.g. on a data carrier.Whether online or offline, SmartExporter allows you to run exports depending on the current system workload or to schedule them to a specific time during off-peak hours, e.g., at night or on weekends.


SmartExporter: Safe as can be!

SmartExporter is secure. User access to SAP® data is limited by the existing SAP® access authorizations. In addition, custom access authorizations can also be defined.The authorization concept is not restricted to table level, but can be expanded to detailed information, such as company code or fiscal year.Because access is restricted, data is displayed as read-only content.

The original SAP® data cannot be edited. All actions can be traced at any time, as they are recorded by a unique ID on the client and SAP® side. This ensures maximum transparency when using SmartExporter.A further benefit: With SmartExporter, you create files according to the GDPdU default data structure.

he SmartExporter flavors

SmartExporter is available in various editions – providing the suitable edition for your specific needs.The SmartExporter Desktop Edition is the full version of SmartExporter. Using the Desktop Edition you have access to all available features.The Client Edition was designed to provide a smooth and optimized workflow between auditor and client. The Client Edition offers the option to extract data from an SAP® system in a synchronous and asynchronous way.

This guarantees a maximum of flexibility because the client is able to decide when and how the data requested by the auditor is extracted.The licenses of the Desktop and the Client Edition are connected and the Client Edition can only import Data Requests or favorites created by the corresponding Desktop Edition.

The SmartExporter Server Edition is a separate installation which can be integrated into other processes, e.g. in IDEA Server or CaseWare Monitor, and provides a high potential for automation. The SmartExporter Starter Edition is a free SmartExporter version with limited functionalities which can be used for testing purposes and as a means of evaluation for the features and functions of SmartExporter Desktop.


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