Risk Management

Integrated Risk Process

As the second line of defense, Risk Management has an important role in giving assurance to the company. However, the success of Risk Management is also determined on how the implementation and company awareness raising is done. Risk Management Software becomes the solution that can be optimized in preparing the frameworks and methodologies to the Risk Management in implementing risk identification, assessment, and mitigation processes that is simple and centralized.

The result of registering risk will then be obtainable in various practical reports that allows the Top Management to evaluate the company risks globally or disaggregated per business unit.

Risk Advisory

The significance of the risk management of special areas will increase through, amongst other things, the operating environment becoming more complex, globalization and the progress of digitalization. Risk is a persistent and pervasive aspect of business today, and to address it successfully you need a team that offers more than risk advisory expertise alone. At Insight Consulting, we commit to understanding your company, your culture, your processes and your priorities.

We help our clients in mapping out special risks and also in the planning and implementation of risk management frameworks and measures such COSO ERM, ISO 31000, Risk Management Maturity, Key Risk Indicator (KRI), and GRC Capability Model.