IT Assurance and Governance

IT Assurance

The role of information Technology, which has currently become the core in running the organization’s business processes, deals with so many challenges. Howsoever, information Technology application has become the key of protecting assets, confidentiality and data integrity, as well as ensuring the effectiveness of the organization’s operation.

Insight Consulting responds those needs by providing IT assurance services that put forward risk approaches, customized audit plan which corresponds with the needs of the organization and apply the international best practice standards.

IT Governance

In nowadays digital era, IT Governance is highly needed by the organization to boost the IT performance enhancement, to achieve the congeniality between business and IT strategies, and to provide framework in the decision making processes.

Insight Consulting responds those needs by providing IT Governance consulting services that helps the organization to optimizing its business value as the enhancement of the effectiveness and efficiency of IT management, as well as the application of the international best practice standards and valid IT regulations.