Internal Audit

Integrated Audit Process

Internal audit has a key role in the corporate governance structure to assure on the effective management of risk, and coordination is also needed to be in line with the assurance function in the other three lines of defense. In its implementation, Internal Audit’s Top management in general strive to have efficient workflows as well as best - practice while remaining accurate and thorough in its implementation.

A system which can adequate to integrate the whole workflow will boost the Internal Audit to achieve its objectives and overcome the problems arise in the implementation phase. It is a powerful Integrated Audit Management System which has flexibility in customizing the system in accordance to the IA needs in order easy to use and time efficiently. Whatever the audit or consulting type applied; or any kind of industry/business model you have, can apply this system at ease & effeciently.

Data Analytics

Internal audit has a key role in the corporate Nowadays, Internal Audit is urged to maximizing the usage of audit tools due to data complexity and size that always exponentially grow. Therefore, a Data Analyti solution that optimizing software and services becomes a powerful tool to provide quick insight, as well as continuous audit and monitoring. Auditors then can do more analysis with less efforts, because the system has given more space to them to present analysis that has never been done before due to the tool limitation used.

Robotic Process Automation

In line with the application of data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence, big data and machine learning in today’s digital era, has become new challenges faced by every Internal Audit. Internal Audit is certainly expecting considerable testing and data processing, as well as data visualization that can be conducted automatically whenever required. Especially in business processes which are critical and demand to testing periodically.

Herewith, we present the RPA process that provide services and collaborate with the software IDEA Data Analysis. This solution will offer a time-saving benefit to process of it’s activity. Where the result of Robotic Process Automation can be used in the continuous audit sistem, reconciliation modules, fraud detection modules or other activity that can be customized to user’s needs. Moreover, it presents an accurate data processing which is visualized in the form of dynamic and attractive dashboards and graphics.

Internal Audit Advisory

To create added value to the organisation and improve its operations, we carry out Internal Audits Consulting services for our clients, as an outsourced service such as QAR (Quality Assurance Review), Developing Audit Charter, Audit Policy, Audit Manual, and Procedure including Audit Programme, etc. The scope of our assignments varies from individual audit projects to outsourcing parts of the internal audit function.