Pentana Risk

Performance and Risk in Focus

Provide actionable insights to your entire organisation with data-driven decision making with our risk software solution.

Ideagen's ERM software solution fully integrates risk management processes, from identifying and assessing risk business-wide, to assigning and monitoring mitigation plans, all the way through to reporting and defining a long-term strategy for enhanced performance. Pentana Risk is a SaaS application that provides comprehensive, real time visibility and control of performance and risk in your organization.

With Pentana Risk, businesses can establish an ERM framework that allows them to manage operational, financial, IT and strategic risks in a single, easy-to-use risk management system. Our innovative risk software solution provides real-time metrics on all aspects of risk, such as performance, processes and assets, ensuring that business leaders have complete visibility and are able to exercise agility in risk management.

Key Features


AML Compliance

Focus management attention on key metrics and take corrective action where needed. The Performance module provides an integrated, organisation-wide repository for performance information, replacing all those scattered spreadsheets.


Risk Managemet

The risk module brings risk management to life as a dynamic and integrated process. Enterprise wide risks are visualised in interactive dashboards and heat maps, giving management a live view of emerging risk and mitigation plans in action.


Action Management

Track progress on actions, plans and projects. The Performance module overcome the obstacles and limitations of spreadsheets by delivering a feature-rich project management tool.


Dashboards, Chart and Management Reporting

Visually compare trend data for performance indicators against specified time periods using flexible charting tools. Dashboards provide single-page displays of the most important information people need to do a job. Present results and progress invisually-engaging reports.


Apraisal & Competence Management

Transform performance reviews and create a more engaged, productive workforce. Understand and communicate the individual’s role in the organisation’s strategic success. The Appraisal module streamlines your employee performance management process and captures crucial business intelligence to support HR decision-making.


Document & Policy Management

Communicate policies to staff to protect the organisation from exposure to the risk of non-compliance. Pentana Performance provides an integrated, organisation-wide document repository for all your corporate policies, streamlining the entire lifecycle to ensure compliance and efficient administration.


Incident Reporting, Feedback, & Complaint Management

Pentana Risk manages the customer communication process, allowing you to monitor contact from start to finish. Consolidate all your customer communications into a single, structured system that makes it easier to investigate and resolve incidents.


Audit Recommendation

Improve collaboration and transparency in progressing recommendations arising from risk and control reviews. Managing recommendations transforms audits in to the starting point for strategic organisational change projects.

Business benefits of Pentana Risk software.


Improve business performance

Increase your agility in making clear, calculated decisions that make your business more productive, and saves you time and money.


Ensure compliance with internal and external standards

Implement effective risk management and ensure up-to-date compliance with ISO 31000, ISO 27001 and other industry standards.


Engage with senior and executive level

Provide complete visibility to senior managers and the Board, with personal dashboards and reports that allow for quick informed decisions.


Advance clear risk-awareness throughout your business

Make risk a top consideration from top to bottom, and easily collaborate with any part of your organisation to instil mature risk management processes.


Intuitive user interface

Simplify risk management with an easy-to-use, feature-rich software application that takes less than a day to learn.


Safeguard company reputation

Protect your business against damaging incidents and ensure you are recognised as a leader of the industry.

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